Convert your VCF file into a functional spreadsheet that can be easily explored. The spreadsheet will include all exome and mitochondrial variants found in your VCF file.



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    This VCF Conversion will cover your nuclear genome’s exome regions and mitochondrial genome only. We do not currently cover intron regions in this conversion process yet


    No CPT codes associated to this service or product at this time.


    A VCF file in the correct format, aligned to the hg19 or GRCh37 reference genome from prior genetic testing is required for this service. (Most VCF files are in the proper format and aligned to these reference genomes). If you are unsure about your VCF file and want more information before completing the purchase of this service, please contact us at [email protected]



***Requires VCF file from GeneSavvy Testing or 3rd party genetic lab

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  • Turn Around Time

    Our current estimated turn around time for this conversion is 1 working day. Our office is open Monday-Friday so conversions submitted on Friday might be delivered Monday.

    *This estimate is assuming the VCF file submitted is in the correct format, and without errors. If the VCF error you sent is not in the correct format, we will contact you ASAP to try and correct the problem. Most problems can be fixed but it might add to the turn-around time. 

  • Collection Instructions

    Once you purchase this service, you will receive an email with a link to submit your VCF file. If you do not receive the email within 30 minutes of completing the order, or need help with your VCF file, please contact us at [email protected]

  • Sample Reports

    Our Genetic Starter Kit will provide you with a standard format .vcf raw data file, as well as our GeneSavvy Functional Variant Exploration .xlsx file!

    In general, .vcf files are used by genetic software tools to analyze genetic sequencing data and create different types of reports, but this .vcf file is nearly impossible to understand without that type of software. The .xlsx file that we also provide with this starter kit has taken the genetic sequence data from the .vcf file and organized it into spreadsheets that will allow you to explore all of your genetic variants and research the findings at your own pace.

  • Patient Brochures

    No patient brochures available at this time.

  • Addition Information

    A link to download the finished spreadsheet file will be emailed to you when the file conversion has been completed.