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What is the PolyBio™ Analysis Platform?

The PolyBio™ analysis platform is a functional health analysis toolset that uses our proprietary algorithms to find patterns from the combination of your genetic blueprint (PolyBiogenics), health monitoring labs (PolyBiomarkers), and live stream biodata (PolyBiometrics).


We strongly believe that the majority of all health concerns are not caused by a single genetic variation but are actually caused by the sum of multiple genetic variations that all contribute to a  biological. This polygenic approach can be seen in our reports and research tools as we group genes into functional genetic networks that could play a role as the underlying cause of your health condition. In life we rely on other people and other processes to complete a task, and our genes are no different.


We are still learning a lot about how genetics play a role in functional medicine so to break through current barriers of research we implement our polybiomarker analysis tools. PolyBiomarker tools are used to look at genetic markers along with other health tests to find patterns that confirm precision medicine theories or help make new ones. If genes are represented as blueprints, the other health tests represent the current build, and we need to make sure that we catch any building errors as early as possible if we want to find optimal wellness and life longevity.


Our Polybiometric analysis takes our ability to move towards precision medicine even further by looking at live streaming data gathered by tools that collect and report biometric data such as a smart watch or health monitoring device. When we monitor live streaming data (PolyBiometrics) and know the blueprints that are supposed to create that data (PolyBiogenics) we can catch potential mistakes almost instantly. Then we can take these reports to our GeneSavvy practitioners so they can confirm the mistake (PolyBiomarkers) and implement the best fix in a way that is completely personalized to you (PolyBio™)

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