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There’s more than one side to the story, let us help interpret the story your client’s genes can tell.

What are GenoForensic™ Forensic DNA Services?

“But this child was different…

Genes can play a major role in how our bodies react to our environment, and all too often our legal system makes general population assumptions about people that might not be able to explain how different they truly were and how it affected the outcome of their story. A good example of this could be someone who had a genetic variant with a high association to sudden cardiac arrest. In a recent case, a child with a similar variant was playing at home and ended up falling and bumping their head. During nap time, the child passed away, the investigators saw the bruising and assumed that child abuse was the cause of death despite some abnormal lab and imagine results. 14 years after the mother was arrested for child abuse, they found GeneSavvy and engaged us in a forensic analysis where we found an extremely rare variant that could explain the sudden death but more importantly explained the abnormal lab and imaging which confirmed that the actual cause of death wasn’t child abuse but instead a rare genetic condition that presented itself at the worst possible timing. This is just one example of how our GenoForensic™ Analysis can tell a story that could change the outcome of conviction.

PolyBio™ Data Analysis

Like in the case mentioned above, the key to changing the outcome wasn’t just from a rare genetic variant but also the from the patterns presented through other bio markers that confirmed the genetic story to be true. Context can be everything as the abnormal labs without the context of the genetic variant didn’t make much sense. The same could be said about the genetic variant without the context of the labs. The key is to find patterns across multiple bio marker data streams which tell a much more complete story of what happened. Our PolyBio™ Analysis Platform is exactly that… a comprehensive analysis platform that looks for patterns across multiple bio marker data points to find patterns that make sense.

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