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Our comprehensive genetic testing platform provides valuable data that can help lead to a longer, more vibrant, healthy life. 

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GeneSavvy™ Lab Testing Pipeline

Our custom lab testing pipeline is the key to providing the most actionable genetic information in functional medicine. Great data starts in the lab!

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Total Raw Data Base-Pair Coverage Comparison

Base-Pairs Covered In Ancestry Type Genetic Testing: ~600,000 - 750,000
Base-Pairs Covered In GeneSavvy Genetic Testing: ~30,000,000

Single Gene Base-Pair Coverage Comparison

MTHFR Gene Base-Pairs Covered in Most SNP Reports: 2 (Sometimes 3)
MTHFR Gene Base-Pairs Covered in GeneSavvy Reports: 20,373

Next Generation Sequencing

Genotyping, SNP testing, ancestry testing, whatever you call it, it’s missing valuable information that is needed to make better clinical action. Our GeneSavvy Test includes comprehensive next generation sequencing data that covers the exome regions of ALL 20,000+ human genes plus whole genome coverage for our mitochondria. The exome is the part of the gene that is used to create a protein or enzyme, and it is considered the most valuable region of the gene when it comes to functional medicine. Our custom testing platform also sequences regions outside of the exome if they are thought to be medically relevant in any way which provides the ultimate testing platform for functional medicine practitioners and biohackers looking for action!

Full Mitochondrial Genome Sequencing

Our mitochondria is the power house of our body and has it’s very own genome outside of our own. Genetic disruption in the mitochondria can have major functional health consequences! Catching these mitochondrial variants as early as possible allows us to create support protocols that keep our bodies young, vibrant and healthy. Mitochondrial health is often associated with vibrant life longevity, so finding and supporting weaknesses in the mitochondrial can be extremely valuable to your health journey.

GeneSavvy™ Bio-Informatic Features

Our proprietary bio-informatic software can be used to build a nearly unlimited amount of reports and data analytic tools to help identify actionable information in the following areas when combined with the data from our GeneSavvy Lab Testing Pipeline. *Not all of these reporting features are available when using data from other genetic testing labs.

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HLA Sub-typing

MHC Class genes, including the HLA genes we test for sub-typing are the genes responsible for recognizing foreign objects in our body and getting rid of them. Everything from infections to foods, these genes identify enemies and deal with them. The problem is that sometimes this system identifies enemies that are actually friends. This is the idea behind most autoimmune diseases, our immune system (HLA genes) misidentify and attack our own body! HLA sub-typing is not as well studied as our nuclear and mitochondrial genetic variants but this test can give us extremely valuable insights about what might be causing our immune system to misidentify and attack certain things within our body.

Copy Number Variants

Copy number variants are larger changes in our genome that can actually change the structure of our chromosomes. What we generally look for with copy number variants is genes that have been duplicated multiple times along the chromosome, or genes that have been partially or completely deleted from the chromosome. Either of these scenarios can create genetic expression changes that can be important in understanding our health. Some regions in our genome are more susceptible to copy number variants such as the location on Chromosome 6 that contains the “RCCX” module shown to the right.

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Pharmacogenomic Data

Pharmacogenomic associations are a great example of how genetics can help create more personalized clinical protocols. Our genes can change the way we metabolize certain drugs, chemicals, and treatments… These changes can lead to unwanted side effects or treatments that are less effective than others.  We align your genetic data to some national drug-gene interaction databases so you can explore those potential metabolic changes and interactions for yourself along with your functional medicine practitioner.

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