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The GenoAction™ Testing Services

Base-Pair Coverage Comparison

23andme: ~602,000
Ancestry DNA: ~668,000
Family Tree: ~708,000
GeneSavvy GenoAction Panels: ~1,125,000 - 2,250,000
GeneSavvy PowerXomeGS: ~30,000,000

Next Generation Sequencing

Genotyping, SNP testing, ancestry testing, whatever you call it, it’s missing valuable information that is needed to make clinical action plans. We offer full exome testing with our PowerXomeGS test as well as smaller genetic panels like our NeuroDevGS (Neuro Development Panel) which both provide comprehensive and functional exome region sequencing results. The exome is the part of the gene that is used to create the protein or enzyme that the gene is responsible for and it is considered the most valuable region of the gene when it comes to functional medicine. Our custom testing platform also sequences regions outside of the exome if they are thought to be medically relevant in any way which provides the ultimate testing platform for functional medicine practitioners and biohackers looking for action!

Full Mitochondrial Genome Sequencing

Our mitochondria is the power house of our body and has it’s very own genome outside of our own. Genetic disruption in the mitochondria can have major functional health consequences! Catching these mitochondrial variants as early as possible allows us to create support protocols that keep our bodies young, vibrant and healthy. Mitochondrial health is often associated with vibrant life longevity, so finding and supporting weaknesses in the mitochondrial can be extremely valuable to your health journey.

Complete HLA Sub-typing

MHC Class genes, including the HLA genes we test for sub-typing are the genes responsible for recognizing foreign objects in our body and getting rid of them. Everything from infections to foods, these genes identify enemies and deal with them. The problem is that sometimes this system identifies enemies that are actually friends. This is the idea behind most autoimmune diseases, our immune system (HLA genes) misidentify and attack our own body! HLA sub-typing is not as well studied as our nuclear and mitochondrial genetic variants but this test can give us extremely valuable insights about what might be causing our immune system to misidentify and attack certain things within our body.

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