Our Genetic Test

Our genetic testing panels have been designed and developed by some of the industry leaders of functional genetics. Every test has been designed to provide action in health.

  • Whole Exome Testing

    Our whole exome testing panel is one of the most powerful and comprehensive exome panels on the market. No corners were cut in designing this functional tool that provides a great investment for current and future health goals.

  • Comprehensive Genetic Panels

    Our comprehensive panels are designed to give the most in-depth genetic look at specific health issues we can build. We take all well documented genes we can find, consult with experts in the industry, and then search the internet over again for any other not so well documented associations, and sequence all of it! This gives us information on all the latest trends in genetic health but also allows us to capture the genes that could be the next big thing. If you want an in-depth genetic look, this is the panel for you.

  • ClinHero Panels

    Our ClinHero panels were designed for health professionals that are seen as heroes to their patients/clients. If you want to be a health professional hero, this is the panel for you! Built to provide clinical management, help in differential diagnosis decisions, and explore treatment options for tough cases. Our goal in this panel is to give health professionals the tools to become heroes to their patients/clients through targeted action.

  • Focused Genetic Panels

    Our Focus Panels are exactly that! Genetic panels focused on common health issues. These panels are focused to specific health concerns and contain the most well-documented genes associated to those conditions. These powerful panels pack a punch and provide plenty of information to take action. Every Focus Panel also comes with a general wellness panel filled with the genes most commonly looked at by functional SNP interpretation sites.

  • Mitochondrial Genome Testing

    Our MitoActionGS Comprehensive Mitochondrial health panel looks at all 37 genes of the mitochondrial genome plus over 1200 nuclear genes known to be involved in mitochondrial functionality and action. Mitochondrial function plays a huge role in our health and checking genetic function can greatly increase your chance of achieving a most vibrant life.

  • Specialty Gene Panels

    Our specialty gene panels are the result of collaborations with industry leaders, trend setters, and health gurus that work hard to be on the cutting edge of using functional genetics in practice to achieve greater health and longer, more vibrant life.