For Immediate Release: 7/26/17


GeneSavvy Announces Launch in Emerging Wellness as a Service (WaaS) Industry


Former Courtagen Employees to Team Up with GeneSavvy



GeneSavvy, a division of HealthSavvy, Inc. based in Kenmore, WA announces their launch into the emerging Wellness as a Service industry with genome-centric biotechnology built to promote vibrant health through their proprietary decision management software. GeneSavvy Co-Founder and CEO Kris Fobes has been developing GeneSavvy’s intelligent clinical decision platform since 2012 with the launch of subsidiary company, HealthCoach7. HealthCoach7 is a genetic health company focused on developing and providing diagnostics and treatments for children with ASD, developmental delay, and other complex pediatric and adult disorders with successful treatment outcomes worldwide.


After hosting the Hyper Wellbeing Summit, Hyper Wellbeing Founder Lee Dryburgh coined the Wellness as a Service (WaaS) model as a way to describe the future of healthcare technology using big data and new technology to empower people to live longer, healthier lives through disease prevention rather than illness reaction. GeneSavvy has been developed over the last 5 years to do exactly that. GeneSavvy leverages biodata to make predictive suggestions that will be scientifically proven to prevent disease, prolong vibrant life, and assist clinical decisions in complex disease cases.


Several former Courtagen employees have teamed up with GeneSavvy including former Chief Medical Officer and Genetic Researcher, Dr. Richard G. Boles after Courtagen Life Sciences announced the closure of their medical genetic company on July 18th 2017. Courtagen shut down their medical genetic company to pursue research in genomic cannabis through their subsidiary company, Medicinal Genomics Corporation. The closure of Courtagen has left thousands of doctors and even more families in need of a company that can offer similar services. With GeneSavvy’s technology and a few of Courtagen’s former brilliant minds, GeneSavvy is well positioned to fill that void and provide the services those medical professionals and families need.


GeneSavvy will be accepting genetic testing orders starting in August 2017 through our websites Our genetic testing panels will be sequenced using Illumina’s Next Generation Sequencing Technology and processed through GeneSavvy’s proprietary bioinformatics pipeline and report software. Our proprietary bioinformatics pipeline and reporting software will be built in collaboration with several pioneers in Functional Genetics to be an extremely comprehensive and actionable system for ASD, developmental delay, and other complex pediatric neurological disorders. Actionable genetic reports for chronic regional pain disorders, mitochondrial and metabolic disorders, epilepsy and seizure disorders and other complex disorders will be available soon after.


GeneSavvy is currently offering several genetic panels, including the NeuroDevGS panel which is an extremely comprehensive panel to cover genes involved in Autism Spectrum, Developmental Delay, and other Complex Neurological Disorders. Another comprehensive test offered by GeneSavvy is their LongevityGS panel. This panel was built to bring next generation sequencing technology to the genes looked at by some of leaders in functional medicine for holistic health. GeneSavvy also covers Whole Exome genetic testing through their PowerXomeGS panel. If you’re looking for one of the most comprehensive genetic tests available in the market, the PowerXomeGS would be a great place to start. All of GeneSavvy’s genetic tests will be ordered by physicians. If you don’t have a physician for your genetic needs, we can connect you with one to complete your order. 




UPDATE: 8/15/17

**Due to the amount of inquiries and demand we received after announcing our services, we had to get something online quickly to accept orders. Our website is currently up and accepting orders but the website content is far from complete. will be adding and updating content and features to the website over the next few weeks/months/forever… All of our panels will come with our GeneSavvy Guarantee of Action. No matter what panel you order, we will guarantee there will be health action to take. We define health action as current phenotype treatment, future risk assessment and prevention, nutritional support for pathway inefficiencies, or any other action items added to your health protocol because of our panels.



GeneSavvy will be offering exclusive discounts on genetic testing for previous Courtagen customers and for new customers that are part of our first 1000 orders. Send us an email at [email protected] if your interested in getting discounted genetic tests.