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Actionable Genetic Testing for Functional Medicine Practitioners

We are experts in finding functional genetic patterns that you can understand!

We use next generation sequencing technology combined with our TRIARKK™ Bioinformatic Pipeline to build functional polygenic networks with actionable significance for complex health concerns.

Use Cases and Sample Reports

  • Dysautonomia and GI troubles

    This patient expressed that they were diagnosed with Dysautonomia and Hashimotos Thyrroiditis and that they were currently dealing with severe headaches, fainting, and numerous stomach problems with no known association to a specific food. We built the genetic panel around potential underlying causes of dysautonomia and GI issues. After building the functional polygenic networks around the symptoms, we found some disrupting genetic patterns around Celiac Disease, IBS, and autoimmune inflammation. We also found patterns surrounding liver function and fat utilization as well as possible nutrient deficiencies and a potential inability to digest oligosaccharides found in food processing leading to a possible benefit in FODMAP diet implementation.

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  • Electromagnetic Senstivity

    In this report, the patient reported multiple symptoms and related them to EMF exposure. We built this genetic report around possible underlying causes of EMF sensitivities and developed functional polygenic networks related to damage from EMF/ EHS/ UV exposures. After running the report, we found some interesting genetic patterns involving mitochondrial ETC, autophagy/ apoptosis, and cell homeostasis. We also found patterns that showed possible higher than normal susceptibility to oxidative stress as well as potentially inefficient immune regulation due to some rare variants in this person’s HLA genes.

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  • Heart Health Concerns

    In this report the practitioner gave us a summary of concerns to look at, mostly concerning heart health but the practitioner also wanted to check out some other symptoms/concerns such as mitochondrial disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, tremors, ataxia, and muscle tightness and weakness. This report was built around the listed concerns with a heavy emphasis on cardiovascular health. The biggest genetic patterns that popped up surrounded possible pancreatic disfunction so we pointed out possible connections between pancreatic function and heart health. We also found patterns in autophagy, thyroid, fat metabolism and a variant in LMNA with direct connection to dilated cardiomyopathy risk. This result also seemed to have many more mitochondrial variants than average so we pointed out some possible concern in mitochondrial disease risks. This result also includes mitochondrial DNA variants.

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*Our current estimated turn around time is 10-14 weeks for GeneSavvy Starter Kit Testing. GeneSavvy reports are generally delivered within 24 hours. Starter Kit Testing turn around time estimate can vary based on our current testing volume, sample DNA quality, or DNA extraction issues that might happen during the DNA sequencing process.

What Makes Our Results
More Actionable?

Functional Polygenic Networks

Genes interact with each other! We work hard to take upstream, downstream and co-factor interactions into consideration when looking at how genes contribute to our health concerns.

If whole exome and whole mtDNA sequencing was done we also look at nuclear DNA to mitochondrial DNA interactions. We believe your mitochondrial DNA plays major roles in health and longevity so including the mitochondrial DNA in your analysis is always a great benefit!

Fluid and Multi-Tiered Analysis

When it comes to whole exome or whole mitochondrial DNA analysis, our results are fluid! The results are based on the information you provide over time and not just the information given up front.

Most testing companies ask for some information during the intake process. We ask for this  information too, but after the first tier analysis we might be able to make a better report for you with a second set of more specific questions.  During 2nd and 3rd tier analysis  we might be able to really hone in on precision medicine with more questions and possibly some lab results to test pathway functionality. This process can be repeated until we get the answers  we are looking for.

We Listen To The Story Your Genes Are Telling Us!

When you tell a doctor your symptoms they will automatically create a hypothesis about whats going on. We do the same with your genetic results, but what if your genes present a hypothesis we’ve never seen before?

Actually we see this scenario all the time in functional medicine and it gets ignored way to often! A person fighting so hard to tell someone that something is wrong, many times their story gets ignored or even mocked because it doesn’t line up with what we think we know. Our job isn’t to mold the data into something that fits our hypothesis or current way of thinking. Our job is to let the data tell its own story and for us to listen and support the systems that show patterns of genetic disruption.

Less Data Filtering

One of the biggest reasons we started GeneSavvy was because we wanted to build a system that gave us more access to more data without a filter.

A lot of the genetic information used for the health industry comes HEAVILY filtered to us. Some of the reasoning is OK such as filtering out misaligned data that isn’t real. Most of the time filtering is done to “protect” us from seeing data that someone, somewhere thinks we just cant comprehend or that they think its junk data so theres no point in sharing it. We work hard to filter out data that isn’t real, but we also work hard to keep the data that is real available to access, research, and include in our theories if we think theres a potential correlation there to explore.

GeneSavvy is Fueled by Insatiable Curiosity!

Our greatest feature is our level of insatiable curiosity that drives our ability to find answers when nobody else can or will.

We are here to help find answers and provide actionable data that leads to a healthier future.

More Functional Data Enrichment for Better Health Actionability

Data enrichment is all about associations. Showing gene relationships to cellular functions, molecular functions, drugs, diseases, etc… are all examples of data enrichment.

Our roots are in functional medicine, so our enrichment data is geared around terms that functional health practitioners can relate to and create action around. On top of the standard enrichment terms, we are also building our own custom enrichment database of truly functional and actionable gene associations. Our own enrichment database includes a gene to custom pathway diagrams, gene to food/nutrient associations, gene to lifestyle associations, gene to environment associations, gene to vitamin/herb associations, and more.

Gene to Pathway
Gene to Food/Nutrients
Gene to Lifestyle
Gene to Environment
Gene to Vitamin/Herb
Gene to Underlying Cause
GeneSavvy Functional Medicine Enrichment Databases

*Not all genes are enriched by our database. Our database will grow as research grows.

  • We’ve opened Pandora’s Box and released genetic curiosity, all we can do now is share the gift of hope for a healthier future that came from within that same box.
    Kris Fobes
    GeneSavvy Founder/CEO