Autism symptoms can be aggravated by inflammatory activity, chronic sensitivity and neurotransmitter trafficking. There are a variety of combination of therapeutically effective agents in personalized treatment.

Some Guidelines

1. Disodium cromoglycate (Gastrocrom)
‘Mast cell stabilizer’ 100 – 400 mg/day dissolved in water

2. Cyproheptadine (Periactin) Serotonin and histamine-1receptor antagonist
1 – 4 mg/day

3. Ketotifen (Zaditen) Histamine-1receptor antagonist, anti-eosinophil 1 – 4 mg/day

4. Rupatadine (Rupafin) Histamine-1 receptor and platelet activating factor antagonist; mast cell inhibitor, anti-eosinophil 20 mg/day

5. NeuroProtek Contains flavonoids and a proteoglycan Two capsules/20 kg body weight/day and Nrf2 as additional item

6. Black Seed Oil 1 tsp 2x day
7. Autoimmune Paleo Dietary Focus
8. Oxytocin Sublingual cycled (Dopamine)
9. SAMe sublingual cycled (Dopamime)
10. CoQ10 mouth spray
11. NAD+ mouth spray
12. Sublingual biotin and folinate
13. Stem cell therapy as option
14. Hyperbaric therapy
15. Immunotherapy
16. Low Dose Naltrexone

*Doses will vary depending on age and weight of patient.

Other Considerations:
1. Carbohydrate (starch splitting) enzyme repletion
2. Human Breast Milk Derived Probiotic Culture
3. Fecal Implantation healthy donor
4. Antimicrobial eradication in complicated cases

Additional Testing Considerations:
1. Folate Receptor Antibody (FRAT)
2. Cunningham Panel (PANS / PANDAS)…/