GeneSavvy™ was built for functional health professionals that want a more advanced genetic testing platform for true precision medicine.


Our GeneSavvy tools fuel the most elite functional practitioners, the most fierce warrior moms, and the most advanced biohacking nerds… 

GeneSavvy™ Genetic Testing

GeneSavvy has always had a very focused goal to become “the most actionable genetic platform in functional medicine.” We use the massive clinical power of next generation sequencing, combined with multiple other biodata layers to create our PolyBio™ platform. We are continuously pioneering new analysis tools to help identify functional PolyBio™ patterns between disease associated rare variants, lifestyle changing polymorphisms, real-time protein/enzyme activity, and environmental factors which we use to provide actionable precision medicine options for vibrant life longevity.

GeneSavvy™ Secondary Analysis Reports

Our GeneSavvy™ Online Tools were built to be a comprehensive genetic health management system that allows you to manage and explore your PolyBio™ data markers. Our functional genetic health tools are extremely useful for both the novice biodata explorer as well as the most advanced biohackers.  We’ve also built in an exclusive health management store that include pharmaceutical grade supplements, simple lab testing and other health related products.

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